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I'm collaborating with some fantastic colleagues (hat tips to  @erin_keefe  and Lily Philips - Instructional Designers) to create an AMAZING resource we'll be sharing with the community, a Quality Canvas Course Checklist (link coming soon). A quality Canvas course abides by copyright law and takes into consideration nature of the use, nature of the work used, extent of the use, and use’s economic effect. 


In my experience, educators want to abide by copyright law, but could often benefit from a refresher on copyright law and what constitutes a copyright infringement. What are your favorite resources to help educators deepen their understanding of copyright and digital copyright? Here are some of mine. 

Looking forward to hearing from the community how you help support your faculty and staff to gain clarity on copyright!

(Speaking of copyright, it's worth mentioning that in Canvas you can set Creative Commons license for a course, usage rights and user access for a course file and  course file folder.)

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So excited to be involved in this, and wanted to share a few of my favorite resources. 

The University of Texas Libraries has a Copyright Crash Course: Welcome - Copyright Crash Course - LibGuides at University of Texas at Austin

Columbia University has a Fair Use Checklist that comes in handy:

The Center for Media and Social Impact has a series of Best Practice documents. I really like the one for Academic and Research Libraries: Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Academic and Research Libraries - Center for Media and Social...  

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These are some very great topics can't  wait to get more elaboration on them it also has many resources to research.

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