Course Accessible to Users out of District

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We are wanting to create a course which contains documents/information for users throughout our County (which would be outside our district). I don't want to create a public course because the information is a little sensitive and don't want this available to the general public. 

What would be the best approach to this? I tried to test this a little bit, but couldn't get a feel for the best way to do this. I created a course that has open enrollment with a Join this Course button. When I tested it as a user without an account, I could get to the course through browse and click join course. When I clicked on 'New User' and added a username, it never did anything - Didn't create an account and didn't give access to the course. Obviously, this would be easiest way to have them access the course, but...

Is there a better way to create the course or set up accounts?


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