Discussions and ePortfolio

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Our system has not opened the Parent app yet, so I have been looking for a way to show student work to parents, while staying in the Canvas environment.

I have been investigating the idea of using a discussion - set up using groups, so that there is only one student and the teacher in each group.  Students then have a private communication line with their teacher.  They can add images, text, audio etc using it as a reflective journal space.  If the discussion is set to be marked and it then becomes available to add as a submission to the ePortfolio.  Teachers can then ask the students to share the link to the eportfolio with their parents.

The class teacher can monitor the discussion, provide feedback and make suggestions.  The eportfolio is updated as new posts are made, so it is always up to date.   Parents can see what their child is doing at school. 

I still have to check that it will work in a real class but it has potential to solve our issues until the Parent app is released.