Embedding Audio books in Course and Restricting Acess

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I was wondering if anyone has a solution that they have implemented into canvas for the following:

We would like to be able to embed audio books into a course however restrict who has access to them.  We need this so that students who have difficulty with reading are able to hear the audio book version while still participating in the main course with other students.  Due to licensing  restrictions  we only want students who need the audio books to have access to them (not the whole class).

I have discovered that you can restrict the file access to only people who have the direct url link and I was looking at the following as a possible solution:

- create an assignment for only those students who should have access to the book and then embed the audio book into the rich text editor part of the assignment. 


maybe using the canvas groups feature might also work?

If you have any other ideas or know other solutions that might work it would really be appreciated

or even if you know of any 3rd party audio books that integrate well with canvas that can use SSO sign as well?