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Evaluating the Depth of a Course?

Our district only has a handful of completely online teachers. I am not talking about those folks.

How do you approach the vast majority of classroom teachers who meet face-to-face with their students but are starting to provide a blended learning classroom via Canvas?

Do you look at the percentage of content within versus without the entire course?

Do you pay more attention to lesson/unit level items made available online?

We are trying to have a constructive conversation around the depth of course content and are struggling with how to frame it. Have you had any successful ways to think about this idea?

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HI  @penny_christens ‌, we aren't looking at this level yet, however, it might give you an idea as a platform. We have used several ideas from the good people at Canvas community and put things together in a rubric to set minimum course standards for staff. It is on commons called Canvas Standards Course Analysis and we are starting to use this with all our faculty Head Teachers to ensure courses are produced in a way that is of a certain quality, particularly when parents are observing. It may (or may not) be relevant to what you are doing. We sit this in our professional development site where all the teachers are 'students' and we grade them through Speedgrader. Maybe use a rubric as an analysis tool and see where everyone is in terms of their percentages etc? 

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Great question  @penny_christens  and super answer  @stacy_lambert .

Bringing the kids in to reflect on the course would give valuable perspective. Perhaps use an embedded form?

I had located a guy with a spreadsheet who used an API call to get statistics of items used in course - does this sound familiar to anyone?
I think a combination of qualitative and quantitative would be helpful.

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@stacyLAMBERT I wish there was a more objective way to provide a snapshot of where our teachers are in Canvas development to the district.
Any other thoughts?

If I think of anything, will let you know. Smiley Happy