Flipping Technology PD

Community Novice

   My position as as Technology Associate is one of staff support.  I am a resource to help teachers integrate all types of technology into their classrooms.  One of my favorite ways to use Canvas is to flip technology PD. I respect my teachers time and don't want to create a burden on them.

   Canvas offers an excellent opportunity to flip PD.  By creating content in advance and allowing teachers to work through a PD course on their own, you are differentiating instruction.  Teachers are at all different levels when it comes to their ability to understand and use technology.  They may be very tech savvy and pick up on new concepts quickly or they may be very hesitant to change their ways and embrace new ideas. I prefer to allow my teachers to have an advance exposure to technology PD.  Some of my teachers will be able to take off running on their own.  Others will need to have their hands held and a more in-dept face-to-face training.  At least these teachers will have a basic knowledge of what we are working on when we meet.  They can have specific questions prepared in advance.  Often they will send me these by email so that I can have additional materials ready to work with them.  

    I have found that my staff appreciates the opportunity to learn at their own pace and on their own time.  If they are not interested in learning a tool at all, they can just skip this PD.  I try to be open to my teachers' needs and not force any new tool on them.  However, I have seen that once one teacher on a team starts using something new, often others will be impressed and want to know more.  Setting up Conferences within Canvas is an excellent tool to assist with flipping PD.  I can schedule a time to meet individually or as a group.  Canvas offers me so many different ways to present information such as video, documents, audio, etc.

   Flipping the classroom is not just for students!  It works really well for teacher PD.