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   So I would expect that many readers already know quite a bit of this, but nonetheless, I hope some of you will find it useful. I am relatively new to Canvas, but was able to use it effectively in my chemistry classroom last year.  Some of the top features I used were Quizzes, Announcements and the ability to integrate with G-Suite apps.  This post will focus on one specific aspect of Google integration.

   As a chemistry teacher my students are often collecting data.  Often it is beneficial to share data from each individual or group. one of the best ways is to create a google form and integrate it directly into Canvas.  This way the students never need to leave Canvas to complete the form, and you can collect all students' data as they are ready - even simultaneously.  The simplest way to do this is to go to the "Send" button on the top right of your Google Form.

Send button!

Next choose the "embed" symbol (green arrow)


This will give you html code for embedding your form in Canvas (yellow arrow).  Next you need to copy this code.  The easiest way to to this is to simply click on the copy link in the lower right of the dialog box (orange arrow).

Now we bring it to Canvas.  You can make this a content page, an assignment, or even include it in a discussion.  In your RichText editor you can give instructions and details, but if you are new, it is easiest to start with a blank page.  Click on the HTML Editor link (be aware if you already have content in the RichText box it may look vastly different in HTML and it can be confusing to decide exactly where to paste your embed code.

HTML Editor link

Here is what the HTML code looks like for my form

html code

Finally we see how it looks to the students - here is the student view of part of that form

Student View

Students will have to scroll within the frame to complete the form if it is more than one or two questions.

I would recommend that within Google you restrict access to within your organization, if possible.  Although not necessary, it helps with keeping track of which student submitted which data.  Use the gear icon (blue arrow) and choose the appropriate settings (sorry its blurry - resizing to make it more visible caused that).  The green arrow shows where you would restrict your settings if your organization has that option.