How do I change layout for an assignment?

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How do I change the layout for an assignment? I would like to be able to place interactive buttons or hyper-linked images in various places around the assignment page with small text summaries underneath.

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Instructure Alumni

 @michelle_ciccar ​, the simplest way to create images with hyperlinks in the manner you've described is to use a table. This won't require any knowledge of HTML, but keep in mind that tables without custom HTML don't always display well on mobile devices. You can create button images in external programs, such as DaButtonFactory or Microsoft PowerPoint, and turn them into active buttons that link to other content.

The quick answer is:

  • Launch the Rich Content Editor for the assignment
  • Create a table with the desired number of rows and columns
  • Click in a cell
  • Insert the image into the cell
  • Click on the image
  • Add the hyperlink (using the RCE ribbon) or link to other course content (using the Content Selector panel at the right)
  • Save

You can manipulate the rows and columns to add space between and text underneath.

If you are comfortable with HTML, you'll find lots of examples of custom page design in the Instructional Designers​ group, so please have a look at the resources there for additional guidance.

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