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Ideas for K-12 teachers new to Canvas

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In my role I am helping roll out Canvas across the state to teachers K-12.  After working with teachers of differing stages of experience with LMS I decided to try and make it easier for them to decide where to start.  I found that lots of teachers thought that they needed full year long courses with everything their class needed in one spot.  This document is designed as a "place mat"  for teachers to position themselves on and perhaps just focus on learning to do one thing really well eg assignments before adding other tools like discussions or quizzes.

I have had teachers look at this after telling me that Canvas wont be for them - breath a sigh of relief after seeing they don't have to create everything at once - just focus on one thing that will save them time.

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It's a fabulous hands on tool  @isobel_williams . Great for a starting point for teachers and those in leadership roles. 

I'm sure that people in  will be interested in this also. 

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Wow, this is awesome. Love the design, organisation of ideas and the clarity of the document.

Don't know if this might interest you? A copy of a tool guide I adapted from Joyce Seitzinger that she made for Moodle - 

Great work Isobel

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Thanks for sharing that - I have seen the original Moodle one and thought it would be nice to see a Canvas one - so thanks!  Isobel

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 @isobel_williams  I 'created' this user reflection rubric based on some PLC work in a prior role. Access the rubric.

Thanks for sharing your resource with us!

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thank you that is another useful tool to add to my understanding of where teachers are and how i can help them

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Thanks for this resource. It's great being able to stumble upon such useful ideas.