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Office365 Integration User Help

Hi K12, I am taking part in the closed beta testing of Office365 and just wanted to see whether it works 'across' different instances/establishments.

I would normally do this with students but it is Summer Holidays where we are and no-one about :O(

Is there anyone out there willing to give me some of their time trying a few things out on my test course?

You need to have Office365 for education installed in your place.

Get in touch by replying to this post



PS. It may not work....

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Hi Gideon,

I'm not sure what you are after but we use O365 as staff currently to embed iframe documents into pages so that the content can be edited by staff and yet be dynamically available to people in the course.



Thanks for replying Phil. Am interested to know how you do your iframe embedding. Working with OneDrive (personal) I am able to do this directly with a few clicks - it is simplicity itself!

1. Right click on PowerPoint file

2. Choose Embed

3. Press Generate Code

4. Copy code

5. Paste in HTML Editor in page

With Office365 are you doing this from the individual software? I can do this but to share (without editing) requires quite almost double the steps starting from OneDrive

1. Click on ... and press Share

2. Enter 'everyone' in Invite box

3. Change from Edit to View

4. Untick 'Require Sign in' box

5. Open PowerPoint file

6. Click on More ...

7. Choose Embed

8. Copy code

9. Paste in HTML Editor in page

Any thoughts you have, would love to hear



Hi Gid,

Unfortunately if you are looking for an easy solution using O365 iframes - especially as we are using Onedrive for Business.

I have found a work around that we use at our school but it is anything but nice - the reason we do it is that in the end it works. I live in hope that Microsoft's new partnership with Canvas will fix things.

I do it like this from Onedrive for Business so it might work from the personal one too.

1. I open and login.

2. Open the word doc and click on share

3. Click on get a link

4. Change the pull down box to "View - no sign in required"

5. Copy URL and open ANOTHER web browser (I use Chrome by default so I open IE) and paste url there.

   This step removes the permissions (ie the need to sign in )

6. In the NEW browser you shouldn't see your name in top right so then click on the elipsis (3 dots) and select the embed code - copy and paste into page in Canvas once you have selected HTML editor.

As I said this is cumbersome and hopefully MS will come up with a far better way but this way works and gets around security permissions while allowing others to view the file.

I hope that makes some sense.


Cheers Phil

The results (so far) from the integration are rather mixed! Happy to send them to you by email if you wish?

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Community Coach

Hi  @GideonWilliams ‌ ~ It looks like this question hasn't seen activity for a while. I know that you've also posted in Find Answers‌. So, if it's okay with you, I'm going to mark this question as 'Assumed Answered' since many changes have happened to the Office365 integration since your initial post. If you'd like to reopen it, we can do that! Other people may also continue the conversation here as well.