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Permissions for Head of Faculty

How do other K12 set up roles for Heads of Department/Faculty.

We have:

  • A course for each year level subject and each class within that is a section. eg. Year 11 English - course with EN11A , EN11B etc as sections.
  • We have students and staff set to only interact with those of their section.
  • We have SIS import runing directly fed fromour timetable.
  • We have sub accounts for each Dept.
  • Each Facuilty Head has admin for their sub account.I manually add these permissions outside of the SIS import process.

The issue is that even though I have the permission 'View all marks' and 'View all students submissions and make comment on them' active the Heads do not get this when looking at the students in the courses in their account.

Basically, I want a Head of Department ot have access to any course and students within.

Can anyone else share their knowledge?


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Hi  @greg_dabelstein ‌,

I manually created an account role, which duplicates the admin role to start and then I removed Permissions to create a 'Principal/Lead Teacher Admin' role, and assigned them at the account/sub account that made sense.

The only permissions I left were:

  • Manage global announcements
  • View the list of courses
  • Post to discussions
  • See the list of users
  • Send messages to individual course members
  • Send messages to the entire class
  • View all grades
  • View all students' submissions and make comments on them
  • View analytics pages
  • View and link to question banks
  • View announcements
  • View course content
  • View discussions
  • View the answer matrix in Quiz Submission Logs
  • View the group pages of all student groups
  • View usage reports for the course

I added principals to their school level sub account with this role under the admin settings.

Lead teachers have multiple sub accounts, each school is further divided into content area.

I also created a course level role based on the 'designer', no permission need to be changed if you don't want to, I renamed the role "Principal/Lead Admin" for ease of understanding for all. Upon request principals and lead teachers can be added to a course with that course level role. This allows them very similar access rights within the course, but makes navigation simpler, accessing through the dashboard for smaller numbers of courses.

With the permissions I have set, our admin team views students submissions and comments on them regularly. 

I hope this helps.

Dear Josh

Thank-you so much for responding and sharing so generously.

Can I ask – do you have the “only interact with users in the same section enabled for users”?

Kind regards


Greg Dabelstein | 07 3834 5721

Dean of Curriculum



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 @greg_dabelstein ,

I believe that would only apply when adding a person to a course role. I am adding our Leads/Principals as 'account roles' under settings, admins. Within a course I don't limit leads by section, but I only am adding them into a course with a course level role if they want a specific course added to the dashboard.