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PowerSchool-Canvas-Multiple Instances/Schools Case

Hello everyone!

I may have raised slightly similar questions before but I still can't seem to find the answers. If someone either answered or know where the answers are, please direct me to the source(s). 

Here's the situation:

We are part of the public charter school system in Ohio. Currently, we have a total of 12 schools across the northeast Ohio region, one in CO and one in AZ. Due to the reporting policies, we set-up twelve different instances (not sub-accounts) in our Canvas LMS. Before I'm getting deeper, I would like to connect with anyone on here either has the similar situation like our district currently experiencing or know someone works for the high schools that dealing with similar situation. Preferably, schools that are located in OH but other states would be fine too. I simply would like to connect and see what they do differently or better than our district can learn from them. Please feel free to 'tag' this to someone you know might be able to help.

Thank you very much in advance!



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