Powering Up Your Canvas Course: Advanced Essentials

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To complete the Essentials Series, I came up with two Phases for some Advanced tools instructors can use in their courses. I'm sure there are some other interesting Advanced tools out there I haven't thought of so I'd love to hear from some of you. I can compile them (giving you credit!) into a Phase 3. 


In these you'll find links on how to:

  1. Use Conferences
  2. Use an iFrame to Embed Sites
  3. Use Thinglinks for a Cool Homepage
  4. Use the Style Guide
  5. Try Mastery Paths
  6. Use the Redirect App
  7. Add a FlipGrid Assignment
  8. Use PowToon
  9. Mass Delete Calendar Events
  10. Use Quiz Statistics
  11. Weight Assignments
  12. Add Your Own Apps
  13. Export Grades
  14. Use Peer Review Discussions
  15. Print a Quiz
  16. Add Sound to Pages


I've attached interactive PDF versions as well as the links to the infographics. Feel free to use and share! 

Power Up Your Canvas Course Advanced Essentials: Phase 1

Power Up Your Canvas Course Advanced Essentials: Phase 2

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