Self-Awareness and Personal Discovery Book Selections for Students

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The first story - The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn is about a worried little raccoon named Chester who is afraid to start school. He will miss his mother and he does not know what to expect, and he feels alone. Chester's mother shares a family secret with him and she gives him a kiss in his hand to carry along with him. This heartwarming story lets Chester know that it is okay to be afraid, but that his mother and entire family is always with him because their love is in his heart. 

The second story -  I Am Enough, by Grace Byers and Keturah A. Bobo is an empowering story that teaches a young girl with low self-esteem how to grow to love herself just the way she is. This story helps her develop a sense of pride in herself, which helps her learn to help others. I Am Enough teaches readers that everyone is unique and special in their own way. 

The third story - Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister is a story about a fish who is different and stands out among all other fish. He stands out and is lonely at first because his sparkly fins are different and he is afraid to share. Once he realizes that others find his fins beautiful, he shares and is happy with his friends and life. This story helps children understand that we are all different how to respect each other's differences. 

Each of these books promote a sense of pride for children because they all describe our differences. They teach children to love and respect themselves for who they are in spite of their differences. Books such as these allow children to explore their own feelings, discover new ones, and help others find their way with their emotions. These stories will create successful readers because they touch everyone in different ways. Since we all have different feelings, it is important to know how to recognize these emotions and to know that whatever they are feeling, it is okay to feel that way. Children will want to continue to read stories like these because they can relate to them. 

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