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Simplified Logins

Are there any options in Canvas for simplified logins? I'm thinking about our PK-1 or even up to grade 2. Our Math program, for instance, has a login option where students pick from a series of pictures, rather than having to type in a password.


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We struggled with this as well for our K-3 students. Some of our K-3 software allows picture logins but most don't.  At the beginning of this school year, we reset all of the K-3 usernames and passwords in all of our software systems so the students could use the same credentials no matter what system they logged in to. Canvas allows multiple sets of login credentials so we added a second login for K-3 which we'll just remove when they get to 4th grade. 

Our next goal for K-3 is to get to a single-sign on system. We've heard that Clever works with Canvas, but I don't know if that's true. Clever is on our list to evaluate.

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We are looking at options for PK.  We have found that the first few times are tough but for most of our campuses, K and up are ok with logins.  We are consistent so that all our systems use the same one.  For pre-k. we haven't found the right solution yet.  We have considered adding some generic logins that the teacher could use.   Really for those students we have found that most of the teachers are not using with their students logging on but using as a resource page for parents.