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Standards- Based Grading

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I'm looking to connect with other schools who are using Canvas with standards based grading.  We used Learning Mastery this year with a few pilot teachers, but are having difficulty getting it to report out as we'd like.  I'd like to hear how you are setting up your proficiency scale, rubrics aligned to outcomes and assignments for optimal use by teachers yet understanding and easy access for parents and students.  Thanks!

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This is what my school settled on for SBG in Canvas:

  • Create each assignment as complete/incomplete and select "do not count this assignment toward the grade". This way there are no points that might show up in the traditional gradebook, so the traditional points-based score remains blank through the semester.
  • Create a rubric for each assignment based on outcomes (standards) that we defined locally.
  • Ask students to calculate their own average SBG scores from the learning mastery gradebook. Unfortunately Canvas does not have a feature (that I'm aware of) to produce this average automatically. I teach at a high school, so it's not much of a stretch to ask our students to calculate an average. Your mileage may vary.
  • Teachers download student reports from the learning mastery gradebook and import these into Excel. In Excel (or equivalent), use a fairly straightforward calculation to average across the cells of outcomes to calculate the average SBG score, which we translate to a letter grade using our own scale.

This is not as easy as I would prefer, but it's good enough. It's our first semester trying this approach after switching to Canvas this summer. 

@bbennett2 I would love to connect and learn more about how you are doing this! 

Hey @mroberts13 feel free to email me directly about setting up a call.

I would love to hear how you are making SBG work with Canvas! The Learning Mastery Gradebook isn't really working for us. This is our first year implementing Canvas, but 7th year with SBG. 

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My school district is participating in a canvas piolit. Our elementary school report cards are CCSS based. I am struggling to find to include standards in the canvas report card that successfully import into the PowerSchool report card. Any help would be appreciated.