Streamlining or removing previous courses from the grading menu of Observers

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Hi there,

As we enter our third year, we are hearing from users with Observer roles that they have an unmanageable number of courses that appear on the dropdown menu used for checking grades. This is the main activity that Observers (mostly parents of K-12 students) log in to their account to do; however, an Observer of three students who have taken 3-6 courses each over two semesters these past three years is given so much information that it's difficult to wade through to the current term (see screenshot). An Observer with three students taking about 5 courses each already has 15+ courses on her Dashboard, but because the Grades page shows concluded courses, also, she then has nearly 50 on that dropdown menu with no filtering available!

Is there any advice or workaround to support these parents so that they don't burn out on trying to use the Observer account effectively, especially as students spend more and more years with us in Canvas? Thank you!