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Survey to Determine Canvas Training Needs

Hello! I'm a new member in the community; although, our district began our contract with Canvas in 2018. Like so many other districts, going remote made a compelling case for our LMS and now the district leadership team is on board to move to full adoption for our K-12. 

We would like to survey our faculty to find out not just their comfort and skill level in Canvas but more importantly their awareness of features/functions.  Does anyone have a survey that they have used or have found since implementing Canvas with their staff?

Our purpose for the survey is to design individual pathways for improving our use of the LMS. We want to take our current users to the next level and help our new users (especially those transitioning from Google Classroom and Seesaw) not only to get started but also to make connections for how Canvas can bridge their traditional classroom to remote learning in a more comprehensive way.

Any resources or insights this community can provide are greatly appreciated!

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Did anyone give any options on this?

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I just created this googleform for faculty if it helps anyone in the future. The link is set to have you create your own copy, so you won't break anything if you want to edit it.

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 5.39.02 PM.png