Troubleshooting in a cloud account world :(

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Hi! Things change so rapidly in Education Technology and I am looking to discuss how to best troubleshoot problems with Google integration and Chrome issues.  In the past, most issues were device related (needed an update, flash or java, etc...) With the addition of Google LTI and Chrome Sync and so many cloud-based assignments. Many tools (Adobe Spark) require personal logins. How do we troubleshoot tickets on why one student got an error on an assignment?  If you mirror/act as the student you can't really dive in because you have to be logged in with those google or Adobe credentials for it to replicate. High schools students go from class to class so finding time to sit with them is hard and asking them to share passwords is not really best practice for security.  Many times we find it is a cookie setting or that the LTI needs removed and readded. Other times we have had google extensions that have caused other features to stop working (Arc for example).  These pieces are all personal settings and cloud account related so a Help Desk person is really limited to how you can help a student in a timely manner.

Anyone else having similar experiences?  We use Chromebooks at Middle and Macbooks at High.