Using the Categorization Quiz Feature

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I am guessing that some of you were probably reluctant to use the newer quiz features.  I felt like it looked too different and would take too much time to set up.  I'm not saying that I'm wrong, but it just takes a good leap of faith one day to see how amazing these new features are.  

I am going to focus on the "Categorization" feature in this post.

In this quiz that I gave to my students, I was assessing their knowledge on the physical characteristics of the Earth's layers.  In class, we made a chart which laid out each layer and specific physical characteristics, like temperature, composition, depth, etc,  This chart is essentially turned into their assessment.

Considering our pandemic circumstances, at this time, I am teaching all of my students virtually.  My normal mode of giving this quiz is through the use of small cut up note cards.  It is the same information and form that they completed information on the Earth's layers.  I simply set up stations around the room and ask students to place information in the correct spot.  I then go over to check to see what information is right based on layer name.  Well, the virtual-ness of this year poses a problem with giving that type of an assessment.  I knew that the new Canvas quiz features would come in handy.

Here is an example of how I set up the quiz in teacher mode:


I used labels to create the layer names, and the created content that should be dragged to the correct layer name.

This is how it looks for students when they take the quiz:




Students then have to drag the randomly assorted facts to the correct label.

I found that students did just as well with this as they would have in person with the notecards!  A win-win for us!