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What timers do you use within Canvas?

I'm searching for a great timing device to embed into a Canvas page.

Any top tips?


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If you're looking for a timer like one you'd use in the classroom:

So this is nothing fancy, but a YouTube timer would work great. Use the YouTube external tool (as opposed to pasting the URL and getting a preview on your content page) and you can play the timer without altering the look of your page.

If you're looking for a countdown timer (e.g., ___ days until the end of the term!) there are lots of options for websites online. laurakgibbs‌ has a great semester countdown widget‌.

Splendid. Thanks  @jenna_townsend 

I will pass those ideas on.

I second  @jenna_townsend ‌, YouTube has lots of visual timers with and without sound that are great for all types of student. I like to search for visual timers.

Hi all!

That link no longer works. - The original thread has been put into deepfreeze and is no longer accessible without permissions.
Is there another way to access that information?