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Why is use a pairing code "On" with not way to change it?

Our parents used to use their student's student number to create their parent account. Now there is something called a pairing code and I can't find much info on it in the guides except that it looks like each individual student has to go turn this on in order for their parents to get an account. I'm in K12 and this makes creating parent accounts harder, not easier. I found it in my settings and it is forced on with no other options. Can someone please help shed some light on this for me? 

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You can find the information on the changes here: 

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Community Coach

Hi  @kshaffer ‌ -

I wanted to take a moment and check-in. How is the term going for you? I know that the new pairing code was a speedbump for a number of institutions this term, and I hope everything went okay for you!

As we rolled out the pairing code, we appreciated that the pairing code life was extended. That made it easier for families to get connected.

Have you seen‌? If not, please consider voting and/or commenting.

It would be great to hear from you! Let the Community know if you have any follow-up questions. Smiley Happy

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It was an unexpected last minute bump in the road, but we were able to develop a plan to work with it. I voted up the mass pairing code suggestion. Thank you for sharing.

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