[OPEN] Date changes from Gregorian to Buddhist calendar in the date selector while using the Thai language pack


Engineers are currently investigating the issue.


  • The Thai calendar uses two different scales, the unofficial AD(ค.ศ./Anno Domini) scale using the Gregorian Calendar and the official BE(พ.ศ./Buddhist era) scale of the Thai Solar Calendar which is 543 years ahead of the Gregorian Calendar.

  • When selecting a date using the date picker it initially displays the current year according to the Gregorian scale on the calendar header but upon selecting a date it is inserted into the date box using the BE equivalent. The same behavior repeats each time you reopen the date picker and re-select a date causing the date to jump forward an additional 543 years.

Expected Behavior

Keep the date format consistently on the พ.ศ. or ค.ศ. scale as the user is selecting the date.


No workaround exists at this time.

Steps to Reproduce

Prereq: A course that is set to the thai language pack, an assignment.

  1. When editing the assignment, in the first initial assign to box, select the current date. The year displayed should be 2567.

  2. Open up the date selector again, and select a date that is a month away. See that the year changes to 3110.

Additional Info


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