Delivering Mastery View Predictive Assessments in Mastery Connect and Canvas




How do I find my district’s benchmark assessment?

  • A Mastery View Predictive Assessment is automatically added to your Mastery Tracker as a district benchmark assessment. Once a benchmark is made available by your district, you will be able to set up the delivery of your assessment.  
  • A benchmark assessment can be found in multiple places:
    • Benchmarks can be found on the Mastery Connect Home Page in the Benchmark tab. 
    • Benchmarks can be found in the Mastery Tracker (once released by your district). 
    • If using Canvas, the Benchmark can be found in the Assignments Tab in your Course Navigation.

PRO TIP: If you do not see your Benchmark assessment appear in your Mastery Tracker, make sure that you go to the Tracker button inside your Tracker and select “Benchmarks” to ensure that the benchmark is visible in your tracker.  



How will I know the status of the benchmark assessment?

  • Each benchmark will display an icon letting you know the status of the assessment. The four icons that represent the status of a benchmark are: 
    • Scheduled Stella_H_1-1661362682024.png
    • Available Stella_H_2-1661362682041.png
    • Paused Stella_H_3-1661362682030.png
    • Completed Stella_H_4-1661362682031.png


PRO TIP: A district may pause a benchmark assessment, knowing that the assessment is paused will let you know that your access and the student’s access to the benchmark have been temporarily suspended by the district.  


Benchmark Delivery 

  • Locate the Benchmark Assessment in the Mastery Tracker 
  • Hover over the column of the assessment and select Assess
    • You will see all of the standards that are being assessed in the benchmark appear within separate columns
    • Above each column, you will see Assess 
  • Select Assess from any of the columns (don’t worry, they each take you to the same place)
  • The Assessment Delivery window will appear and allow you to determine if you would like to deliver the assessment using the TEST ID or the Student Portal.  
    • TEST ID: This method requires students to have a TEST ID (provided by the teacher) to access the benchmark assessment. 
    • Student Portal: This option gives students access to the benchmark without needing a TEST ID.  

PRO TIP: TEST IDs are unique to each assessment and tracker.  No TEST ID will be the same from tracker to tracker, even if it is the same assessment! 


Benchmark Delivery 

  • Locate the Benchmark Assessment in the Mastery Tracker 
  • Go to Assignments in the Course Navigation and locate the unpublished Benchmark Assessment and click on the title of the assessment
  • Select Edit Assignment Settings
  • At the bottom of the window, you will be able to assign the benchmark assessment to your students and set availability windows.  Note: If you have a cross-listed Canvas course, you can set different availability dates and times per section.  
  • Once you have selected the availability times, select Publish to make the assessment available to your students.  
  • Students then log in to their Canvas account, go to your course and access the assessment in their Assignments tab.  

PRO TIP: If you have any students who have an extended time accommodation, you can set a different availability time for individual students too!  



Whether you are delivering a Mastery View Predictive Assessment to students in Mastery Connect or Canvas, it is a relatively straightforward process!  After delivering a MVPA to your students, in addition to the reports your district will continue to receive in Sharefile, you’ll now be able to view students’ benchmark data side by side with your own formative data in your Mastery Tracker, enabling you to really target your students’ specific areas of need!  

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