Mastery Connect Updates | Spring 2024



Canvas Assignments to the Tracker

Feature Summary

  • Canvas assignments can now be aligned to a single-standard in Mastery Connect, creating a raw-score, single-standard assessment in Mastery Connect for which results will appear in the Mastery Tracker. *This now adds assignments, along with Canvas quizzes that can be added to a Mastery Tracker.

Overview of Assignments to the Tracker 

  • All Canvas assignments are supported.
    • Assignment Tool
    • Graded Discussions
  • Both new and existing assignments can be aligned.
  • Quizzes are supported via the Quiz Import tool in the Mastery Tracker.


Adding an Assignment to the Tracker

  • Create or edit any Canvas assignment.
  • At the bottom of the assessment, the new Standard Selector will be present.
    • (1) Tracker Alignment Information
    • (2) Standard Selector


  • Click Save
    • Raw score assessment will be created in the Mastery Tracker.



  • Changing the standard on the assignment moves the raw sore assessment and does not affect the scores in Mastery or Canvas.


  • Default Mastery cut scores are applied to the raw score assignment and can be adjusted as needed.



  • Canvas assignments allow unlimited or limited attempts. This new feature also accepts these. Any new score will overwrite the score in the proxy assessment.
  • Clicking the Assignment tab in the Tracker above the name will open the assignment in Canvas.

Assessment Analysis + Answer Key

Feature Summary

  • Item-based assessments now support a robust analysis view that provides the user an insight into and the ability to measure assessment balance, rigor and distribution. This is downloadable in an exportable format.


  • All assessments now include an Answer Key that is printable or downloadable. 


Assessment Analysis

  • Available in the Item Based Assessment Editor when an assessment is in DRAFT mode only.
  • Available to the user who created the assessment or if you clone it.
  • Provides the following information: 
    • Item Answer Distribution
    • Item Type Distribution
    • Standards Distribution
    • Depth of Knowledge Distribution
    • Difficulty Distribution
    • Associated Passages (if applicable)


Answer Key

  • Provides a way to export via “Download,” a user-friendly CSV showcasing the answers. *Can also print the page. 
  • Visibility: The answer key is accessible on the Material Details and Builder pages unless disabled by the author.
  • Pulls in any available Metadata, such as Standard, DOK, Difficulty, and more.



  • Use the Assessment Analysis feature when building item based assessments to ensure that you have enough questions per standard and per passage to provide quality data.

Item Bank Assessment | Item Search Improvements

Feature Summary

  • Based on user feedback, the Item Search was updated in the Assessment Builder for all users regardless of where you create it.
  • Improved filtering, spacing, and design improve the user experience and reduce time spent.

Pre Update User Interface:





Overview of Changes:

  1. Core alignment added to top
  2. The search bar expanded and moved up top
  3. Filter tray button expanded, text added
  4. Item Metadata automatically expanded onto item tile (this makes the tiles items bigger)
  5. Live counts were added to all filterable areas
  6. All filter areas are automatically expanded by default instead of collapsed 

Item Preview is automatically scaled to the viewport and size based on the item, filter action open, and screen zoom.


Use the filtering and UI organizers to help quickly locate and narrow results



These updates enhance the integration with Canvas and the ability to create and analyze assessment validity and quality in Mastery Connect. These enhancements will save time, increase productivity, and allow educators to increase the validity and alignment of assessment experiences.

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