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Students experience Mastery Connect assessments in their own unique way! Whether utilizing just Mastery Connect, or the Canvas + Mastery Connect integration, it is important for teachers to understand what students see and experience while taking assessments. There are also a variety of ways that teachers can increase agency for students with their own individual learning when utilizing Mastery Connect in the classroom! Also don't forget to watch the Video Blog about this post as well! Key Audiences: Teachers


Teachers can administer assessments to students in two ways, which are (A) using a Test ID or (B) through the assessment portal (how the students log in to the assessment is the only difference). Once logged in, students will have the same view of the questions, same tools, and will submit their assessments in the same way.


  • Assessment with Test ID
    • Students access the assessment through
    • Teacher provides a Test ID unique to the specific tracker and assessment
  • Assessment through Student Portal
    • Students either go through or use the school/district single-sign on portal to access Mastery Connect
    • The home page will display a stream of assessments from all the student’s current classes
    • Any assessment a student has not started or completed with be noted as Start Assessment
  • Assessment Completion
    • Students select Finish and will be prompted to submit the assessment
    • Once submitted, students will see You’re Finished and their score and mastery level


  • Canvas Assignment View
    • Students access the Mastery Connect assessment as they would any Canvas assignment/quiz
    • Mastery Connect assessments can be added to modules, Mastery Paths, or linked to pages
    • Assessments are taken directly in Canvas, not a separate website
  • Assessment Completion
    • Students select Finish and will be prompted to submit the assessment
    • Once submitted, students will see You’re Finished and their score and mastery level
    • Student scores will appear in “Grades” in Canvas like any other graded assignment


  • Ensure one method of delivery is used so students become masters at that method
    • Train students on the chosen method to eliminate test day anxiety and problems
  • Take time to help students learn how to use tools provided on each assessment
  • Help students understand colors associated with Mastery Levels


Mastery Connect can be a great tool in empowering students to grow and master standards. This can be done through the use of the Student Individual Report. Teachers control what pieces of assessments the students have access to after submitting and when students gain access.


  • Students can view their progress towards mastery in each of their courses
    • Mastery Connect users access their report in the Classes Tab by selecting on Progress
    • Canvas + Mastery Connect users access their report by selecting Mastery Tracker from their course navigation bar
    • Students will be able to see their progress towards mastery, the percentage of standards assessed, and reports on each assessment and standard


  • Giving students access to previous assessments through Mastery Connect allows them the opportunity to identify their own misconceptions
  • Students can be given access to the following:
    • The assessment to review or use for test corrections
    • The answer key in order to review
    • The Item Analysis report to see how the group did as a whole
    • The answers to review or use for test corrections


  • Have students regularly check their Mastery Tracker watching for growth and areas of improvement within standards
  • After a class or group of students have completed an assessment, give your students access to the assessment and their answers
    • Ask students to look at the questions they answered incorrectly and analyze the questions and answers
    • Challenge students to determine the correct answer and their misconceptions


To truly leverage the assessment process in Mastery Connect, we must help students master taking assessments. Whether utilizing Mastery Connect or Canvas + Mastery Connect, it is important for teachers to understand what students see and experience. It is also important to help empower students in their individual learning through using the Individual Student Report! 

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