Understanding the Mastery Tracker





Once you click “Trackers” on your navigation bar you will see all created Mastery Trackers. This will show:

  • Tracker names
  • Trackers linked to Canvas or not (if you use the Canvas Learning Management System)
  • Curriculum Map used for the Tracker
  • Percent of standards assessed in each Tracker

Once you click on a specific Tracker, it will open and the data will be shown. Within your Tracker, you will see:

  • Student names
  • Standards being assessed
  • Number of assessments attached to each standard (when assessment have been created)
  • Mastery Tracker settings
  • Scores and data for standards, multi-standard assessments, and MVPAs (after students have completed assessments)
  • Student mastery arranged in colors

PRO TIP: Student mastery is divided into 3 or 4 colors/categories with green/blue being representing the                                                 highest level(s) of proficiency. Use your traffic light/skittles button to better see student data displayed.                                                           Use settings to compare data and change between class rosters and sections.



The buttons on the top right of your Mastery Tracker screen are your Tracker settings. Each button has a specific, unique purpose and job. 

  • Person = Students
  • Narrow down focus on students 
  • Pinpoint certain students to check for mastery
  • Notebook = Mastery Tracker
    • Add or remove standards or units to view and compare
  • Pencils = Tools and Accommodations
    • Choose tools and accommodations to be available on teacher created assessments
    • Selected tools and accommodations will remain available for individual students for the entire school-year
    • Only applicable on EA tests
  • Gear = Settings
    • Basic settings and what to display in Student Portal
  • Three Dots = More
      • Add collaborators
      • Online PD
      • See Standards or Curriculum Map

PRO TIP: Remember to click save after making any changes in the buttons. Return Default will return things                                                  back to how they were initially. Text-to-speech is not an accommodation for ALL students, it must be turned                                                      on manually for EACH student.


The Mastery Tracker is the most essential component to using Mastery Connect. However, just having a tracker does not mean it will be used to its fullest potential!  As you come to understand more about the Mastery Tracker and its features, your data-informed discussions can become more comprehensive and helpful for supporting students. 

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