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Activity and Interaction Data - Input Needed

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Hello Analytics Beta Community,

Thank you for trying out Analytics Beta, joining the community, and providing feedback. Open Beta is the place where we can kick the tires of new features, and make adjustments before general availability. To that end, we'd love some help with with a specific issue we are currently seeing with Activity and Interaction data.


In some cases the data in the table of Course Grades doesn't match what we are seeing with the actual student page view or submissions data. We're having a hard time pinning down the root cause and we'd love to collect more examples of inconsistent data so that we can identify any patterns if they exist.


If you are up for it, and see an data inconsistencies or other issues with Activity and Interaction data, please log a ticket with support either by sending an email here: or via the help icon in the global nav of your Canvas Instance.


Please include "Analytics Beta-Activity Data" in the subject, and include details of the specific example. The course URL, student name, and screenshots  would be excellent if you can provide them.


As soon as we get to the source of the issue I'll reach back out to this group and provide an update.


Thanks for the help!


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