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Analytics Page Views and Participations

Analytics Page Views and Participations


As part of our Canvas analytics offering, we track and report against student activity within the Canvas LMS. Student activity is currently defined by two data points: Page Views and Participations. This document includes information on data sources and definitions, as well as some detail on how to best use this data to track student activity within Canvas.  

Data Sources

Request Data

Request data is the foundation of our student activity data within Canvas. Request data tracks any time that a user’s behavior triggers a callback to our server. For example, this behavior can occur when a student views a page, downloads a file, or submits an assignment. The list within the Participations section below includes a list of the specific activities that we track as student participation. This request data is the same data that’s available in Canvas Data and can also be seen by admins in the account-level Users Page Views section.

Mobile Page View Data

Mobile page view data is included in both the current Course Analytics offering and the new Analytics released this year.

LTI Data

Activity data currently includes LTI launches; however, it does not contain detailed LTI tool activity. This is true for and Arc, as well as non-Canvas LTI tools. Quizzes.Next data is planned for the new Course Analytics offering but a timeline has not yet been determined.

Page Views

Because the page view data is based on requests to the server, the numbers for page views may be greater than what we traditionally think of as a page view. As a result, page view data should be used as a good approximation to student activity and not an absolute metric. This data is most valuable when seeking to understand if activity did occur, and as a means of comparison across students within a course or when viewing trends week to week.


Several actions define participation in Canvas and collectively describe events where a user takes an action within a course. We track participations for both students and instructors, and we report participations in Canvas Course Analytics for just student participations.

The following student actions will generate analytics course participation:

  • Announcements: posts a new comment to an announcement
  • Assignments: submits an assignment
  • Collaborations: loads a collaboration to view/edit a document
  • Conferences: joins a web conference
  • Discussions: posts a new comment to a discussion
  • Pages: creates a page
  • Quizzes: submits a quiz
  • Quizzes: starts taking a quiz
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