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Canvas Release: New Analytics - Online Attendance

Canvas Release: New Analytics - Online Attendance

Online Attendance is a feature in New Analytics. Please see the full functionality included in Canvas Release: New Analytics.

To share feedback about this feature, please visit Releases Q&A: 2021-08-21 New Analytics Online Attendance

  • The included feature functionality is not supported in the beta environment.
  • Functionality will be available in the production environment on 2021-08-21.

Change Log


Attendance Report

New Analytics includes an Attendance tab, which updates according to criteria set at the account level. This change allows criteria to update attendance information for individual courses and remove manual attendance tracking.

Account Settings Configuration

Within the Account Settings Apps tab, admins can select the New Analytics configuration menu and view the option to enable or disable the Attendance tool. By default, this feature is turned off.

When enabled, admins can select the online attendance criteria for all courses. If a student meets any of the criteria in a given day, that student will be marked as attended. 

The following criteria can be set within the Attendance Report:

  • Course Access: Student views a page in a course (default)
  • Posts: Student posts a new comment to an announcement or a discussion
  • Assignments: Student submits an assignment
  • Collaborations: Student loads a collaboration to view/edit document
  • Conferences: Student joins a web conference (based on BigBlueButton only)
  • Pages: Student creates a page
  • Quizzes: Student starts taking a quiz or submits a quiz (based on classic quizzes only—new quizzes support coming soon)

Account-level App ConfigurationAccount-level App Configuration

Online Attendance Report

For courses that have enabled New Analytics, Attendance displays as a tab within the page.

Note: Page views and participation may take up to 24 hours to display, depending when a course interaction occurs. History is displayed from April 2021.

Online Attendance TabOnline Attendance Tab


Date Data

Attendance can be customized to view specific data. By default, the report is configured to display by week, but instructors can view the report by day if needed. Data for prior weeks and/or days can be selected by clicking the arrow next to the selected date range.

Timeline MenuTimeline Menu

User Data

By default, the report displays online attendance for all students, but additional sections or students can be added for granular viewing.

Sections MenuSections Menu

Class Dates

By default, Class Dates are set to weekdays, but dates can be customized within the report.

Class Days MenuClass Days Menu


By default, the report filters all criteria, but instructors can filter the report to show students who have met all criteria or have not met all criteria.

Filtering MenuFiltering Menu


Online Attendance Criteria 

Instructors can view the criteria set by a Canvas administrator as read only within the New Analytics page.

Online Attendance CriteriaOnline Attendance Criteria





Change Log


2021-08-18 Terminology changed from Course Attendance to Online Attendance
2021-07-19 Published Feature Overview 


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