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Problems with New Analytics - Navigation

A few more comments for the New Analytics

(1) When viewing with multiple filters, sometimes the markers in the chart perfectly overlap. In this case, it's not easy to click on the interactive marker that is underneath. Information such as “average” and “total” cannot be shown. The design should be improved to allow users to select the respective markers more easily.

(2) Similar to (1)

Next to the “download” button, there is a kebab menu with two options: Data Table and Display Shapes. Both can be turned on/off together. 

  • If “Data Table” is selected, the chart will be replaced by a data table. 
  • If “Display Shapes” is selected, the markers in the chart will turn to be different shapes

“Display Shapes” is no longer useful at all if the data table is displayed (i.e. no shapes in the table). However, after choosing “Data Table”, the “Display Shapes” feature is still available to be turned on/off. This doesn't make sense.

(3) In the filter box, user may type a student name, assignment name or a group name. The behaviors of typing vary. Some instructions should be provided in some ways. 

  • If users type the assignment name on the grading page, the mark distribution card will display (as a select function) 
  • If users type the name of the student / group, an additional line will be displayed on the chart (i.e. as an add function)

(4) In the comparison filters box/bar, there's a small "x" on user-added filters. But, clicking anywhere on the filter-pill will remove the filter. The "x" is superfluous.

(5)  When a user clicks on a marker (i.e. dot) on the chart, a card will be displayed to provide more details. 

  • The card on the activity page will close by clicking anywhere outside the card.
  • The card on the course grade page will NOT close by doing the above. It will only close if the "x" is clicked.

Hope that the next version can address some of these to make it easier for users. 

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