We're Updating our Data Source

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Hello Canvas Community! 


There was a glitch in the matrix. We discovered a problem that affected the accuracy of your data. To ensure that data numbers are what they should be, we are updating the data source for both New Analytics and Canvas Data's request table.


What is changing?

In about a week or so, you'll notice an increase in the number of HTTP requests received daily, which will increase activity numbers in New Analytics. Reports will be adjusted to include the previously missing data—including historic activity. Canvas Data's request table is also affected but will only show updated activity numbers moving forward. No schema changes are involved.


[UPDATE 2019-11-20] We are also looking into the issue of increased request activity as stated in the comments below.


Why did this happen?

Canvas Data's request table and New Analytics expose HTTP request data to customers. These products rely on logs generated by Canvas web application servers which are archived to S3 periodically. A flaw was discovered in the archiving process that caused some logs to be discarded when web application servers were shut down.


How are we preventing this from happening again?

The Canvas DevOps team has developed a separate archiving process which does not exhibit the same data loss behaviors. Canvas Data's request table and New Analytics will be moving to this new archive source for HTTP request data.


We apologize for any concerns that may have been caused by this data inconsistency. This adjustment is one improvement in a longer journey towards data excellence at Instructure. Today represents an improvement in your data. We will continue to ensure we continuously deliver a high standard of data services for you because of how much data excellence matters to us.


Best, Katrina