Weekly Online Activity Beta Release - Monday April 29th


Hello Analytics Beta Community,

Thanks for the continued questions and feedback. The team has been heads down this winter working on the second of three views for the new Course Analytics, and we are just about ready for you to try it out and let us know what you think.


Next Monday afternoon (MDT) we'll be turning on the Weekly Online Activity view for teachers in all existing Analytics Beta LTI instances. This view will be accessible via a dropdown option from the Course Grades view, and will include weekly trend data on page views and participations, the ability to compare by section or student, and drill down to a specific week, and immediately outreach to students who may need a nudge.


Along  with the release we'll be adding user guides, FAQ details, and a list of known issues to the Analytics Beta Community home page. We'll also include some definitions to help answer a few common questions that we get around this data. 


In the meantime, thanks again for all your feedback and help in making sure we work out the kinks before going to GA.




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