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New Rich Content Editor: Auto Save (2020-03-21 Release)

New Rich Content Editor: Auto Save (2020-03-21 Release)

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There have been some issues we have noticed with the Auto Save feature in the New RCE.  After selecting Save after editing.  When the teacher returns to edit the assignment again, it pops up with a window saying there is auto saved content with the option to preview, but an option to Use that Content with a YES or NO.   One colleague selected YES because they knew they saved it, but it reverted him to an earlier version of the content.  Regardless, the pop up box with the option is annoying.  It should only popup if the person did not save the content in the first place.  This has caused us to not enable the Auto Save feature which we really like.  Anyone else notice this behavior?

Hi, @polzinc 

I'd recommend if you haven't already submitting this feedback to our Canvas support team so they can investigate and try to reproduce this behavior for you.



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