Account level reports for Outcomes tied to New Quizzes questions

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We have a department at our university that has created several program outcomes at the account level. We created a "Master" course shell and developed a New Quiz with multiple-choice questions. Each question is aligned with an outcome at the account level.  Next, we imported that quiz & related item banks into several departmental courses.  We also made sure the account-level Outcomes were pulled into the course.  Everything looked to be working, but after students took the test, I pulled an account-level report for outcomes, and none of the results showed up.

What am I missing?  Has someone found a better way to do this?  What we need is to have a quiz that has questions outlined to outcomes that can be easily imported into various classes.  

As an alternative, I tried creating a classic quiz, tied question banks to outcomes, and then pulled in the needed questions. It worked great in the initial course, but the alignment didn't carry over when I imported the quiz and the banks into other courses.  Instructors would have to manually re-add the alignment for each bank for every class it was imported to. This seems overly complicated.

I'm open to any suggestions or ideas.