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Combining New Quizzes into one Master Quiz

We can't be the only K-12 district with this issue, so I figured I should just post this to see if anyone else has an idea for a workaround to combine quizzes (built-in New Quizzes) into each other (into one big master quiz). Wish that "Add question to Item Bank" was an automatic feature because if you forget to click that button, you have to go back in and edit each question to push it into an Item Bank manually. Tried to do a course export (quiz only) and import all the quizzes into one big Item Bank - but discovered the file that Canvas produces doesn't even integrate into an Item Bank (it's producing a too-old version of a QTI file to import - attached the error message here AND the full transcript of my two hour chat session with Canvas support ). Just hitting the wall everywhere I turn - any suggestions? Aside from manually going into every question and adding it to an item bank? 

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