Design issue with Fill in the blank questions

Community Participant

I think there might be a small design issue for the Wordbank option in a “fill in the blank” question type. The problem is that a “Wordbank” box can also act as a “Dropdown” box if a student clicks directly on the box.  If you have multiple Wordbank boxes in a single question all of the options will be mixed together and visible at the bottom of the screen and you can click and drag to fill each box. 

But if a student clicks directly on a single box it will show you only the options that were directly specified for that box by the instructor (exactly like a dropdown box). This means that students who notice that they can click directly on each box will have an advantage over students who click and drag from the bottom of the screen since the former will see a reduced set of options for each box.

I suggest that a WordBank box should never act like a Dropdown box. If an instructor wants that feature they can of course just select the dropdown box option.