Edits made to a copy of a New Quiz in one course are mirrored in other courses

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Dear All,

A strange one this so any help greatly appreciated.

I posted this to the Question Forum yesterday but am re-posting here as this was probably where I should have posted to begin with. Apologies for the cross-posting.

A teacher taught a course during summer 2020. She used New Quizzes to deliver the final exam in the course. The teacher is teaching this course again this summer (summer 2021). At the beginning of the summer 2021 course, the teacher copied the summer 2020 course over to the summer 2021 course. Along with all other course content, the final exam was also copied. 

The teacher decided to make a few small edits to the questions for the summer 2021 course final exam. When she did she received the message below. She then contacted me.

Screenshot 2021-06-21 at 17.17.49.png

I copied her final exam from the summer 2021 course to my Sandbox course. I clicked through the message above and successfully edited a number of questions. However, when I returned to the summer 2021 course, I saw that the edits I had made to the quiz had been mirrored there. I thought that perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the summer 2021 course and my Sandbox course are both open, so I checked the summer 2020 course (the original course) and discovered that the edits I had made had been mirrored there also. 

When I returned to my Sandbox course and removed the edits from the quiz, these edits were, again, mirrored in the summer 2021 course and the summer 2020 course.

This surely is not intended behaviour?

Any thoughts?

Best Wishes,