Grading a new quiz with several attempts: teachers might not grade the right attempt

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Hi everyone,

I was doing some testing and I found out that teachers might not grade the highest scored attempt.

I created a New Quiz and set it to allow multiple attempts and select the highest score as the grade. I also included essay and upload file questions,

I then delivered 2 attempts as a student, the first one having the highest score, and the second one having a very low score.

When I navigate to the SpeedGrader to grade the essay and upload file questions, I can see both attempts, but the teacher would have to remember that they need to grade the highest scored attempt, even though it's not the last attempt.

In the following screenshot you can see the ungraded last attempt, having the lowest score. 



If we grade it, the grade on the right menu will still be 68,52, as the first attempt still has the highest score.



The problem is that the teacher should grade the first attempt (the one with the highest score), the one that's displaying a warning message on the menu on the right.



Once it's graded, the final grade for the quiz will change:



I think this is a bit risky, as teachers might not know or might forget that they should not be grading the last attempt, but the one with the highest/lowest score instead.

Would it be possible to display a message similar to "Note: This is not the most recent submission", such as "Note: This is not the highest scored submission"?

Has anyone encountered this before?

Thanks in advance! 

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I did some testing of my own, as I was curious. This was with New Quizzes. 

I built a quiz with one multiple choice question and one essay question. I then submitted it three times. 

Before I graded the essay questions, it worked just as you described. However, after grading each attempt, Canvas gave the student the best score of the three attempts. 

So the system won't choose a best score until all attempts have been manually graded by an instructor. 

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