How do I allow students to resume New Quizzes between sessions?

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I'm using New Quizzes to collect student responses throughout a project that runs over several weeks.

Up until recently New Quizzes would automatically store student responses between sessions, allowing them to answer different questions at different times throughout the project prior to submission at the end of the project.

This feature seems to no longer be enabled by default.

Is there any way to reenable this feature?

My quiz settings are set to allow to build on last attempt, allow multiple attempts, and have no time limit.

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@heath_freeland, does no autosaving work on quizzes in your course or just on this single quiz?

I saw one post that mentioned that auto-saving is triggered by moving onto the next question. That's something you could test with Student View. When I just tested in Student View, I noticed that closing the tab/window without navigating away from the quiz (within the course) caused the answer to not be saved.

Are the questions on the quiz auto-graded or manually graded? If they are auto-graded, I might suggest having the students submit each time rather than relying on the auto-save feature. If they are manually graded that would work as well, but I am not sure of the size of your class, so I do not know if it is feasible to go in and grade each check-in.

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