Individual question 'do not shuffle answers' option within Question Banks?

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Hello Quizzes.Next.

It appears that it is now possible to flag specific questions in a quiz as 'do not shuffle answers (yay!). Will this feature be available when creating quizzes from question banks? That is, can I mark specific questions as 'do not shuffle answers' from within the question bank itself, or is this option only available for those quizzes manually created within a course?

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Yes, you can! When you edit or create a question in an item bank, you can set whether or not it shuffles, just as you would in a quiz. Whatever you choose, that option will persist whenever the item is pulled from the bank.

One thing to note: if you pull a single item from a bank, you can still change whether or not its answers shuffle. The setting will simply default to whatever is on the question in the bank. If, however, you add items using the All/Random selection, you can only change the setting in the bank, but if you've set it not to shuffle, you can trust that it won't.

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 @b_bays ‌, the Shuffle Choices option appears at the bottom of each multiple choice question as depicted in How do I create a Multiple Choice question in New Quizzes? Keep in mind that the discussion in which you're participating pertains to New Quizzes; in Old (legacy) Quizzes, the only available options are to shuffle all or not shuffle the answer choices.

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