It's Here: New Quizzes Hub!

Community Team
Community Team



Hi New Quizzes Users!

We moved! It’s an exciting day as we unveil the New Quizzes Hub. You’ll still be able to use the top-level navigation to find this group. Canvas > Feature User Groups > New Quizzes Hub. Alternatively, you’ll spot links in the Release Notes and in the Product Roadmap. 

During this process, the Community Team also moved all of the content that was still relevant to the New Quizzes adoption process. Any conversation that contained questions or content that still applied to New Quizzes was moved to this new space. We also moved all of the official updates provided by the Product Team to the Product Blog. However, you’ll note that any New Quizzes blog authored by an Instructure employee will be included in the curated list on the New Quizzes Hub’s home page.

You’ll continue to see Product Team members in the hub. You’ll notice the Instructure logo next to their name to make it easy to identify official comments.

Also, starting today, October 3, 2022, and running through November 18, 2022, you’ll notice some opportunities to share your stories and get to know other Community members who also use New Quizzes. There will be conversation threads, live events, and blogs each week! Be sure to follow along by checking the New Quizzes Hub and Instructure Live. We hope these activities, events, and resources boost overall engagement and collaboration within the group. We’re excited for the next several weeks and for where it leads the hub.

If you’re interested in contributing to our celebration of the New Quizzes hub (and New Quizzes in general), please consider participating in a bigger way: Announcing: New Quizzes Celebration Series