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Canvas is such a great tool to use for 2nd graders. They always need immediate feedback when completing independent work. Using Canvas prevents me for doing the most dreaded task of teacher, grading papers.

Having said that, I know all the quizzes (new quizzes) have a tool bar at the top to allow you to add pictures, audio (very important to second grade students) and change font size (again important to 2nd grade students). MC, Sequencing, Multiple answer all have the tool bar. The only that does not is the matching quiz. The matching quiz will does not have the tool bar will other the other quizzes, which means I cannot change the font size, put in pictures or audio ,ect. Could you possible add the tool bar to matching so that all new quizzes have all the same features for editing the question?


I am an avid user and just thought I would ask. I love that you added the tool bar to ordering, I think I posted that one last year. I totally get that this might have been an oversight and thought I would reach out and ask. No other issues. Love Canvas and hope to keep using it over worksheets (I hate grade papers, did I mention that?). Thank you for such a great product. 

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Good morning, @pmcelhatten ...

I just checked the latest Canvas Release Notes because there is information about the RCE (Rich Content Editor) and New Quizzes.  However, when I logged into the "beta" environment to see if there were any changes to matching questions for New Quizzes, I didn't see that the RCE was available for that question type.  That being said, there is an Idea and Theme called Build dynamic question types.  Within this link, you'll find several related ideas under the heading "Referenced Ideas".  One of these ideas is [New Quizzes] New Quizzes: Rich Content Editor (RCE) for Matching Question Types.  I suggest that you check out both of these links and follow those conversations so that you can stay updated on the topic.  I'd also suggest reading through How do Ideas and Themes work in the Instructure Community? ... as this document has some good information about the process for Ideas and Themes.

I know this might not be the solution you were looking for, but I hope it will help to answer your question in some way.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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