MathQuill, MathType, LaTeX in New Quizzes

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I worked with math faculty to begin orientation and transition to New Quizzes.  They brought up some important needs for New Quizzes to be worthwhile for math instructors.  

  • MathType cannot be copied and pasted into the New Quizzes MathQuill question editor
  • MathQuill in New Quizzes lacks the ability to create matrices
  • Using LaTeX format in the question editor does convert properly when the question is done being built but there are limitations here
    • If the original draft needs to be edited, the original is not brought into the MathQuill question editor
    • cannot copy LaTeX formula into the MathQuill to be edited/saved
    • Classic Quizzes does allow for the original draft to be brought into the question editor for revision while New Quizzes does not

The math faculty are happy to see more question types that allow for MathQuill to be used, however, without the proper editing functionality, New Quizzes will be a significant hardship.  Math faculty would like to have the chance to have autograder work for them as previously essay questions with math were the best option so these fixes could allow them to find use of New Quizzes but if the editor is not up to their needs, they are still in a position to have to do a lot of manual grading.

We would love to hear updates about these issues being addressed so all content areas can use New Quizzes effectively.  Thank you!