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NQ Reflection: A Little Feature Change Helped Me Try New Quizzes


I love exploring new technology and often urge the sysadmins for my Canvas instance to enable new feature options as soon as possible. Concurrent teaching experience informs the work I do as a distance education coordinator, and my students help give me an early taste of what’s coming. That helps me prepare to train and teach my faculty colleagues. So I was very excited to take a look at New Quizzes.

However, each semester I encountered the missing Previous and Next buttons for New Quizzes linked from modules. It’s a little thing, but I rely on modules to help students navigate through my class. I did not want to add an additional instruction to select the Return button after taking the quiz. I am glad that has been fixed (yes, I realize I’m a year late!), and for spring ‘23 I decided to use New Quizzes. My students will be among the first at my college to use this new tool, and I’m looking forward to sharing the experiences of that community of learners with this one.

QuestionIf you are using New Quizzes, what feature addition prompted you to make the switch?


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