New Item Bank Created From Quiz Migration But With No Access To Edit

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I know question bank migration to New Quizzes has been an ongoing issue for 3 years now. I still cannot wrap my head around how this issue has not been solved yet. 

However, today I tried to migrate an old quiz to a new quiz with the expectation that I would have to use the painful process of adding each individual question to a new item bank (what we have all been doing for several years now!). When I opened the new quiz, I was stunned to see that the migration process had separated out the different point value questions into their own item banks. I thought, Hallelujah! They finally fixed it!

But of course, Canvas instead played a cruel joke. While these questions are in separate item banks, there is no way to edit or even access these item banks. They're ghosts! They don't show up in my list of item banks, I can't search for them, and I can't access them directly from the quiz. Unless I want static item banks that never change and that I don't have access to, these are absolutely useless. 

I don't understand why Canvas can internally create these item banks but not allow the user to have access to them. How simple would it be to just add these new item banks to our account? Has anyone had any success with this? Do I need to wait for them to appear magically in my account a week later? 

For now, I'm back to migrate, click edit, click item bank, click done, and repeat a thousand times for every question I've ever made.