New Quiz style not as user friendly

Community Novice

Has anyone else been having issues with the new quizzes not being as user friendly?  For example

1) When copying quizzes they are no longer copied as quizzes but as assignments?

2) The only way to access speedgrader is through the gradebook

3) Everything for the quiz is not in the same place for example you have to adjust the points on one screen and once you hit built you cannot go back to the dates page and after hitting the return button it completely takes you out of the quiz.  Or if you wanted to adjust the dates you have to access the quiz from a different location then the link to the quiz.

4) Migrating the old quizzes lost all the old pictures and you have to recreate the question for these.

5) There is no simple way to put PDF downloads in the quizzes like there were on the previous quizzes

6) You have to open multiple screens in order to embed a media gallery video into the quiz.