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New Quizzes Proctoring Software Suggestions

Hello! Does anyone have suggestions for proctoring software that works well with New Quizzes? Thank you!


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Hi @tshea2 as far as I know, Canvas has not yet completed the API to allow vendors to integrate, we use Proctorio and are waiting to use New Quizzes.

As far as I know the only vendor right now is Respondus Lockdown Browser that integrates in New Quizzes but it's been a few months since I've read through the forums and I'm not certain if their Monitor solution (proctoring) is available or if it's just the Lockdown Browser (which is more of an in-person solution).  

The feature comparison still has it not listed, maybe the transparency page API "Solving Now" is where it's at but I'm unclear where it falls in the timline.  


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@tshea2 We use Proctorio and it does work with New Quizzes.  I have only tested everything, we don't actually have anyone using it with New Quizzes (we are not fully using New Quizzes) but it worked fine in the testing.


Thanks for the update!  I know there was an option for it which I played with earlier in the year but the last time I asked our CSM it wasn't yet ready to go.  

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Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for the information! I appreciate your time.

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