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Hi all!

In order not to double post, I've been looking at a lot ( a LOT) of messages about new quizzes (for instance this one), but can't seem to find either an answer or a hack.

When you picked the option 'provide general feedback' in the classic quiz with an open question (not sure if that is what it is called in English, we have Dutch translations... a question where the students enters (a lot of) text as their answer), the feedback would pop up in the students screen as soon as they submitted the quiz.
With new quizzes, this general feedback only pops up after the teacher has graded the question.

This sort of defeats part of the purpose for a lot of the teachers I'm helping out.

It would be great if the general feedback appearing once a student submitted their work, could also become an option in new quizzes! And if not a build-in solution, does anyone know of a hack?

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Hi @KarlijnvanA , I think Instructure has temporarily halted voting on new feature ideas, but there is an idea to address this particular gap:

If/when voting opens again, I suggest voting it up.

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