Old quiz "question banks" replacement.?

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My organization doesn't fit in the normal situation, so let me describe my problem.

Our school has ~70 courses, the vast majority of which are self-paced. We use quizzes to allow us to have a grade for those courses. 

Due to our large number of students (more than 20,000), we do a lot of self-paced courses. Our professors are more like course directors (CDs) than teachers running a class section. As a result, we have a lot of quizzes that the instructors don't do the updates for: I do.

Our process currently is for me to put all of the questions in question banks, which allows the CDs to review and me to edit them easily. This means the CDs don't have to be able to edit the quiz to see the questions. If they have something that changes, they work with me to update it in the Question Bank, and the quiz is fixed automatically.

In the prep for New Quizzes, I have noticed that I can't seem to look at an Item Bank without opening the quiz for editing. In other words, Item Banks don't seem to reside outside the quiz, in another location that can be seen without editing the quiz. Is this correct? Is this something that will continue, or is this something that might be fixed in upcoming, finalizing updates? 

If we cannot have our CDs be able to see questions in the Item Banks without bothering to edit the quiz, that will significantly change our processes. I am trying to figure out what that might mean as we move forward.

Anything you can tell me about your experience with this, I would appreciate it.

Brian Petters